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Our Story

Karen started painting some 30 years ago when she took her very first Tole painting class with her Aunt Ginger, just for something fun to do. From that very first class, she was hooked. In the beginning, most of the painting was on wood. She would buy a book with a pattern, her Dad would cut out the pieces and she would paint them. She attended every informal class she could find and even a few formal classes at Community College. But for the most part, she is self-taught. She loves being creative and enjoys all forms of art. She also enjoys teaching others and watching their face light up after they have created their very own work of art. “It is so much fun to break down a project into the simplest steps so that anyone can do it.”  She believes painting parties are a creative way to relax, unwind, de-stress and enjoy yourself with family and friends. So, in 2015 Karen and her husband Jeff started The Loaded Brushes with the intention of sharing this fun and creative experience with everyone.