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Kids Wood Door Hangers (Approx. 24″ x 14″)


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The kit includes one wood door hanger of your choice, stencils (if applicable) in the design requested, paint, 3 paint brushes and step by step instructions.

a. Fish – I’d rather be fishing
b. Mermaid – Mermaid hair and I don’t care
c. Mermaid – Be a mermaid and make waves
d. Pineapple – Be a pineapple stand tall wear a crown & be sweet on the INSIDE
e. Sports Ball – Any sports ball design, Child’s name( and number if wanted)
f. Golf Ball – In golf – as in life, it is the follow through that makes the difference – Dr. Seuss
g. Custom School Door Hanger (Completed)
h. Custom School Door Hanger (DIY)

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Fish – I'd Rather Be Fishing, Mermaid – Mermaid Hair and I Don't Care, Mermaid -Be a Mermaid and Make Waves, Pineapple – Be a Pineapple Stand Tall Wear a Crown & Be Sweet on the Inside, Sports Ball – Any sports ball design, Child's name and number (if requested), Golf Ball – In Golf – as in Life, It is the Follow Through That Makes the Difference – Dr. Seuss, Custom School Door Hanger (Completed), Custom School Door Hanger (DIY)